Things change over a lifespan and its almost as if when you start to notice changes like new and closing stores, changes in social fabs, and the absence of items you once loved, you tend to miss a simpler almost yesterday like life. Life as an 80’s kid was a different way to live. We lived in a less technological and more socially active environment. A day when cell phones were not important and when you heard windows you automatically thought of double pane and not the following of a number. When Hi-Def meant your VHS didn’t have static or when you returned your video it had the sticker reading ” Be Kind, Rewind”. When the dollar menu actually meant a dollar menu and cheeseburgers were only 33 cents on Sundays after church. I remember waiting for dinner to finish just to rush “outside” to play basketball or tie rope around my friends bike and fly down the court in a pair of old fashion skates, just to tip head first into the pavement due to a rock the size of a button. Makes you wonder why every kid has a screen in every room and a tablet in every hand like its some sort of human right. Now the cost of living is crazy and small businesses are almost a thing of the past. Today is just the beginning of a future I’m not sure if I should be excited for or not…. maybe I should try minimalism?