I’ve yet to accept the idea that anytime I want to rent a video it comes in some form of digital media or has to be ordered through some sort of media vending machine. Rental nights used to be a night where the family would jump in the Areostar (look it up) and physically drive to the closest and cheapest video rental establishment. I remember you would arrive in your sweat pants and a beanie ready to spend at minimum a good long hour deciding on which movie to spend your three dollars on. Each movie was only 99 cents and with three kids it added up just right. But before the hunt for each others favorite pick began the New Release section would be quickly skimmed to see if the latest flick with the Gold star was available. Of course all new releases were always 2.99  with a one day rental time frame, so it was obviously the first place to check.

After a long good while thumbing through hundreds of selections in each category and reading the description with pictures on the back it was almost time to make a final decision and with four movies in each kids hand it was going to be a tough one. With mom in the van (hint) timing her frozen lasagna we were on a limit. Time to meet up in the center isle and try to gather one pick from each genre. Now its time to do a final inspection. Yes, make sure that ribbon isn’t damaged. We don’t want any disruptions while watching principal Vernon cracking skulls. And of course it wouldn’t be a night without standing of your chair while the credits role up and the soundtrack Don’t forget about me plays in the background. But before all this fun begins the lasagna has 15 minutes left and the much needed snacks have not yet been acquired. So a quick run to the local grocery store is in order. The simple bar of chocolate wrapped in real tin foil is four for a buck and the ice cream is on sale for 1.99, grocery brand preferred.

Finally were back and ready for action and it only took us a mere 3 hours from departure. Movies included I’d call this a full night of friend and family time.

… or we can always just use the media box….