My recent Saturday drive in search of some quick but satisfying food led me to conclude mom and pop shops (aka small businesses) are officially obsolete. When looking in the fridge for something appetizing the thrive for instant gratification began, and then the hunt. Driving from street to street and even neighborhood to neighborhood in search for a genuine small hole in the wall kinda joint for fresh local food. Nothing! Its very sad that your choice in foods comprises of a double cheese or a sandwich for 5 bucks.We took the more expensive route and made our purchase from a franchise that sold advertised authentic Greek gyro pita sandwich slash taco sorta deal. Well thirty buck, two gyros, a pathetic salad and what seamed to be sugar lightly seasoned with baklava. I guess we were hopping if we threw more money at it the taste would somehow get better, not to impressed.

Its horrible to say the days of having a simple thing called variety is almost gone. Now if you want a t-shirt you shop at your local mart that seams to be everyone else’s local mart. Big red or blue letters and a smile when you come in the door if your lucky, its the same from coast to coast. Groceries can be bought from all of two supermarkets. And every parking lot is a fight in itself. Shopping carts are everywhere and dents are in everyone’s side door. Maybe start installing rear view mirrors and an auto stop features.  I’m positive the architect for each superstore designed each parking lot to trap people in to their certain doom. Do they sell acetaminophen? I’m sure they do, but do I need 400 tabs?

We need more small business and less monopoly around the states. Big box stores that group a mass amount of products together have no quality. A product sold at a specialty store always is top notch and the customer service is fantastic. With consumers interested in the lowest price and franchises squeezing pennies were they can its no wonder our merchandise and goods are going downhill. People need to stop dropping prices and building on quality goods.

Taxes and fees! Of course you knew were it was heading. Its almost impossible to start a business these days with all the binding regulations. Federal, State, EDD, Work Comp, and more oh my. It feels like your in pinch before you even start your business. There is a very notable person who built a company known for its home improvement supplies founded in 1978 said, in today’s world his nation wide store would have completely been bankrupt. He also commented on the regulations for employees and the amount of fees collected just to start a business was only doable for select people (Funds Available). Now I know this is a big box store but the message stays the same. In order for a sole proprietor to stay in business they would need to secure 30 to 40 percent of their earnings to a saving account and hold it for taxes and fees. Now I’m no econ expert but 30 percent of anyone’s income is just robbery. For a great financial budget its recommended to have all your living expenses within 40 percent and not more than half of your take home pay. Now add in the equation taxes on employees, medical and the occasional customer arbitration issue. That well goes beyond your simple 30 percent. You cant live this way.

So were are the local markets, local toy stores, local restaurants and everyone’s favorite fresh high quality non burnt coffee shop. Out numbered by big red or blue letters and a mermaid that sells overpriced and under quality coffee beans. So next time your in the mood for a new sweeter, something to eat or out for an oak furniture set.

Check your local paper for that hole you missed.