I really dislike used car salesmen. In my opinion there is no one worse to make a purchase from than one of these repulsive people. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that are hard working thoughtful people that work as a car salesmen. But let me say most of them are not. I went to a Nissan dealer to look at some cars and ran across one of these creatures.




The first thing out his mouth in a rude kind a condescending way is whats my credit like. All I asked him was do you have a particular car in this price range? Very politely and with a smile on my face. Next he said, what are you driving now? Disregarding my first question and started bombarding me with personal questions about my credit worthiness, asking me to give him all my financial information so he can get a better feel for what will work for me. I know what will work for me! After asking him another time if he had anything that he can show me in my price range, in a sedan, with lower than 30k miles he said, “well I don’t want to waste my time or yours lets go inside and I’ll look on the computer”. So I went inside which I shouldn’t have just to be drilled more about information I wasn’t ready to release yet. Long story short I was relaxed and excited to go shopping for a new car and left without seeing anything and with a sour taste in my mouth. These type of used car salesmen just leave a knot in the pit of your stomach.



What is your worst experience with a used car salesman?